In general

By using the web pages it is possible to browse trips along the shore and book your place on one of them. Besides browsing, filtering and reviewing the basic information on the trips we offer, it is also possible to view the offer of each trip in greater detail and that can be done on specific web pages of each trip, as well as booking your place on the trip. Every user can register and log into the page. Logged-in users have additional benefits such as reviewing reservations and the ability to rate trips. The webpage is adjusted for usage in both Croatian and English, and on these pages, it is possible to find more detailed instructions on how to use it. Language can be changed by clicking on the left-end button where you can find a marker for the language currently in use. By clicking on the name on the page (REACH THE SEA) in the left corner, you can go back to the front page at any moment.

Searching and filtering boats

While loading the webpage user can notice certain suggested trips based on their popularity, special offers etc. Moreover, it is possible to browse trips. By clicking on the left blue button next to the search bar, you choose the option of how to browse. It is possible to browse in general (option Search), according to the place of departure, location or the name of the trip/boat. Then you right in a word, the term using which you want to search and by clicking on the magnifying glass, trips filtered out by the search will appear. The last blue button Advanced serves for more advanced searches and filtering of the trips. By clicking on the button Advances, you will see a form where once more you can enter your search term into the search bar, and then filter according to some option. Trips can be filtered according to price, duration and additional filters. Options are chosen or cancelled by clicking the option, and after filtering, the trips that do not satisfy the given parameters are removed from the search.

Boat webpages

By clicking on any trip found on the front-page display, a new window will open where one can see the details of the chosen trip. After a picture and a brief description, it is possible to see the routes, as well as a list of locations that will be visited with the boat. Time of departure follows, as well as a place of departure. By clicking on the place of departure, it is possible to see the place of departure on a map in greater detail, as well as where is it required to arrive before departure. The page also shows a price list, menu (if there is one) and a list of additional boat amenities. The gallery provides a feature of going through pictures by clicking on white buttons or arrows on each side. Moreover, you can also review comments and ratings other users left in regards to the trip. Booking trips is possible in two ways. The first is by clicking the button in the upper right corner, and the other by clicking the reservation button underneath the time of departure, i.e., on the right side of the place of departure.


The form which opens by clicking on the Reservation button serves for putting in the data which is necessary to book the trip. At the top of the form, you will see the name of the trip the user wishes to book after which entering personal user information will be required. If the user is signed in, data will already be filled out so it is enough to only verify their accuracy. Other users much put in their full name and the email address to which they will receive the booking confirmation, as well as the date of the trip. It is important for the email and the date to be correctly spelt! Furthermore, it is necessary to choose the type and number of tickets per trip, and if the trip has a meal included, also to choose the menu. The number of menus must comply with the number of tickets! The next step is reviewing the chosen reservation. The display allows you to easily review your personal information, chosen meals, as well as the final price of the trip. If everything is in order, clicking on Confirm reservation will result in an appropriate message, as well as an email confirmation of the booking. Check your spam email!


By clicking on the Registration button, you will open a form where users put in their personal information with which they can sign in. It is necessary to accurately put in your full name and the email address especially as it will later be used to verify the profile. The user must then think and accurately re-enter the password that they will use to log in. To choose a safe password, there are certain limitations. The password must contain a minimum of 8 signs at least 1 of which has to be a number. Upon finishing the registration, the user will receive a message about a verification that has been sent to their email. To finish the registration process, the user must verify their email by clicking the link provided in the body of the email they received upon registration. By clicking the link, the user will receive a message and if everything is in order, they can log in to the page.

Logging in

By filling out the form and entering your correct email address and password, the user is logged into the webpage. The front page will then automatically show, but in the upper right corner, there will be the sign-out button and a button with the name of the user. By clicking on the button with a greeting and the name of the user, reservations will show. There you will see details of your future booked trips, as well as details of the trips you on which you had already gone. By clicking on the three doth in a yellow circle, it is possible to see the menu of the chosen trip in more detail. In the section with their previous trips, the users can see the comment they left in regards to the trip and if that had not already been done, they can leave their comment about the trip. By clicking on the Rate button, the user can choose a grade and leave a comment about the trip in a few sentences. Please fill out the form for sending comments carefully because once comments once posted cannot be further edited! Furthermore, we kindly ask you not to leave inappropriate and vulgar comments. It is also possible to review personal information which was provided during registration. If you are an owner of a boat and are offering a trip on the webpage, there will be a special page with your boats where you can see trip bookings, ratings etc.


At the bottom of the webpage, as well as all of its parts, you can find a footer with some important information. By clicking on the links at hand, you can read more about us, find contact information, get to know the terms and conditions and find a list of all the trips we advertise. To more easily connect with us, we have enabled a direct connection via social media, the phone, email etc.