Hello, my name John E Maddox. I am a Web Developer and Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) student located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Nature Photography is one of my hobbies; I often use my photos for web development projects.


Responsive Design is essential in modern web development and I utilize it in all of my projects.


A great design should visually compliment your product or service.


I work hard to use the least amount of code possible. This makes my code efficient and easy to maintain.

Deep Learning

Building & training Neural Networks is a highly effective way to find trends in vast amounts of data.


Coding requires research to find the best solution to a problem. I never stop learning.



I am interested in learning new languages and frameworks; I work at improving my coding ability daily. Currently, I am working towards a B.S. of Computer Science through a fully online program at Southern New Hampshire University.

I am a former US Navy Fire Controlman, which required knowledge of electronic & computer systems. My main duty was to maintain & operate the MK-15 CIWS.

I have experience in front-end & back-end development, networking, and server administration. I have built everything from small business websites to large scale, high volume data management systems.

My code is clean & well documented. I am familiar with Object Oriented Programming, JavaScript Module Design Pattern, and MVC Frameworks.


  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Node.js


  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • CSS3
  • HTML5


  • jQuery
  • Express
  • Tensorflow
  • Lavarel


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


Feel free to contact me through the form on this page or by one of the services listed below.

Letters, dashes, & periods only. Spaces okay.
Ex. name@reachthesea.com