To ensure that your vacation is complete, we offer you a unique experience of sailing on a traditional fishing boat while exploring famous locations on the island of Krk. To make the adventure of the boat trip complete, we seize the chance to indulge in a refreshing swim in the picturesque Kvarner coves, such as the well-known Golden Beach near Stara Baška, the enchanting Love Cave, and the Krušija cove on the Plavnik island.
On our journey, we will pass through an area where the Griffon vultures inhabit. Besides these birds, as we pass by the deepest part of the northern Adriatic, we often encounter dolphins.

Escorted by the sounds of seagulls, we'll set sail through the azure waters of the Kvarner region, feasting our eyes on the breathtaking landscapes of the Krk Island coast. Departing from Krk Island, we venture towards Plavnik Island.
We navigate the Krušija Channel nestled between Plavnik and Cres Islands. Within this channel lies the deepest point of the northern Adriatic, plunging to a depth of 128 meters. Plavnik Island is the haven of the Griffon vultures. These remarkable birds symbolize this region, where the abundance of fish and crystal-clear waters isn't a paradise reserved solely for the avian inhabitants. Dolphins grace the vicinity of Plavnik Island, often crossing our path during our journey.
Entering the Krušija Cove, we'll make a brief pause. There, you'll have the opportunity to bask in sun and sea. Amid the scent of the ocean and the sounds of nature and the surrounding forest, we revel in moments of rest and the sea's bountiful gifts.
Following refreshment, we continue our boat excursion towards the enchanting Love Cave. To experience its enchantment, you'll need to swim through a narrow channel that leads to the cave's interior with an open ceiling. Here, you'll uncover a unique romantic beauty that leaves you breathless.
En route to the Golden Beach, we pass through the islets of Kormat, populated by seagulls to whom we offer morsels of bread. Accompanied by their presence, we meld into the nature enveloping us.
Finally, we arrive at the Golden Beach, one of the most stunning beaches on Krk Island. This beach is exceptional as it's accessible only by boat, encircled by magnificent sunlit rocks resembling gold. Before concluding our boat journey, each of you is encouraged to take a round pebble from this exquisite beach. This pebble will bring you luck and serve as a memento of this incredible boat excursion and the unique Golden Beach.
Don't miss the opportunity to embrace this extraordinary experience on Krk Island. Reserve your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable boat trip, relishing in the beauty of the sea, splendid beaches, and unique landscapes. Welcome to Krk Island!


Otok Plavnik (Plavnik island)
Otičići Kormati (Kormati islands)
Zlatna plaža (Golden beach)

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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