To ensure your vacation is complete, we offer you a unique experience of traditional fishing, combined with a visit to the town of Beli on Cres Island. During your fishing break, you'll have the opportunity to indulge in swimming and sunbathing at the base of Beli on Cres Island. We have arranged transportation for you via a small train to reach Beli, where the Griffon vulture center is located.
Are you eager to become a fisherman for a day? Join us on board and lend a hand in hauling the fishing net.

We set sail from Krk and head towards the island of Cres. To begin with, you will experience the fishing technique used by Krk's fishermen - the seine net. With a gentle pull of the net and eager anticipation for our catch, we await the encounter with dolphins.
Next comes the moment when we roll up our sleeves and haul the net out of the sea. The process of pulling up the net and sorting the catch is equally fascinating for adults as it is for children. Children are delighted by shells, starfish, and small fish that have become entangled in the net, while adults are excited by the sight of larger fish that will later end up on their plates.
After the work is done, around 1 PM, a well-deserved break awaits at the base of Beli on Cres Island. While you swim or sunbathe, we'll prepare the freshly caught fish for lunch on the boat.
Beli is situated on a cliff 113 meters above sea level. Due to its unique location, it offers an incredible view of the Kvarner region. To ensure everyone experiences it, we have arranged a train ride from the port to Beli and back. The train ride is included in the excursion price.
In Beli, you'll find the Griffon Vulture Center. These magnificent birds are a symbol of the Kvarner region. At the Griffon Vulture Center, you can explore a multimedia exhibition about their lives. We'll stay in Beli for 2 hours to allow you enough time for swimming and sightseeing.
Around 3 PM, we head back towards Krk Island. While we sail, we'll serve you lunch featuring the fish we caught together that morning. Before returning to the town of Krk, we'll make another 30-minute pause for swimming in one of the coves on Krk Island.
Don't miss the opportunity to experience this incredible fishing adventure with Krk's fishermen. Reserve your spot today and get ready for an unforgettable boat trip, enjoying the beauty of the sea, stunning beaches, and unique landscapes. Welcome to Krk Island!


Koćarenje u Kvarneriću (trawling in Kvarnerić)
Centar za bjeloglave supove (Griiffon Vultures Center)
Uvala Sv. Juraj (Bay St. Juraj)

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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