Reserve your spot on the Riba-T boat and set off onto the tranquil sea at dusk. Sailing through the blue waters near Krk Island, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of the sunset, you'll learn about fishing and net casting. A romantic dinner featuring freshly caught fish, with a view of the enchanting Krk cove, will make your evening one of the most beautiful moments of your vacation.

The boat excursion sets off from the beautiful town of Krk before sunset, filled with excitement and adventurous spirit. Our boat gently sways on the waves as we sail towards Stara Baška.
While enjoying the captivating spectacle and hues of the sunset, we lower the net into the sea. With an aperitif and snacks, we listen to stories about traditional fishing, all while the net slowly fills with fresh catch.
It's time to roll up our sleeves and retrieve the catch from the net. We carefully sort the fish, selecting the finest specimens for your dinner. Each fish carries the aroma and flavor of the Adriatic Sea, promising a unique gastronomic delight.
As we prepare the dinner, we revel in the stunning starry sky far from the city lights. Our dinner won't just be a visual pleasure; it will pamper all of our senses. The freshly caught fish is thoughtfully prepared just for you, ensuring the most flavorful experience of this romantic moment.
The excursion concludes with a magical view of the city lights of Krk as we slowly approach the waterfront from the sea.
This dinner will be an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time, always reminding you of the magical boat journey and the romantic dinner we shared before sunset on our sea voyage around Krk Island.


Panorama zalaska sunca (sunset panorama)
Koćarenje u Kvarneriću (trawling in Kvarnerić)
Noćna panorama grada Krka (night panorama of city Krk)
Uvala Konobe (bay Konobe)

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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