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In regards to using any part of the www.reachthesea.com websites, we consider our users to be familiar with the terms and conditions and risks that stem from using these websites, as well as that they accept to use the contents of these websites purely for their personal use and of their responsibility. www.reachthesea.com does offer information on tourism in accordance to the definition from the Law on Providing Tourism Information (Narodne novine, No. 68/07, 88/10, 30/14, 89/14 i 152/14). The trip organiser that is listed as the provider of the trip service is in charge of providing tourism services. These websites enable booking trips and communicating with trip organisers. Trip organisers are solely responsible for providing tourism services in the sense of the Law on Providing Tourism Services.

Privacy and personal data protection

We respect and protect your privacy. By using the www.reachthesea.com website you remain anonymous and we do not collect your data. Regardless of the already stated, each visit to our websites results in some information being automatically stored in log files. The website provider takes note of certain information about the website visitors like the IP address, time of the visit etc. Some parts of our websites will require you to entrust us with your information. Your information will be requested during registration, filling out questionnaires and booking, as well as for correspondence. Your data will not be shared with unauthorised persons and will be used only for the purpose for which they were provided. In some cases, your information may be presented to third parties to review. For example, the trip organiser may receive some of your information (full name and email address) when you book your trip. We try to bring the amount of information we give to review to a necessary minimum. Your data is not sold, engaged or given to a third party.

Exclusion of liability

All information on www.reachthesea.com websites is of an informative nature. We try to ensure that all published data is complete and up to date, but we do not take legal responsibility for their accuracy and completeness. We are not responsible for the damage that may arise from accessing, using or not being able to use any part of our websites, nor for any mistakes or any shortcomings in their content. We retain the right to change the content of these web pages at any moment and in any way and regardless of previous notifications, and we do not take responsibility for any consequences of those changes. Organisers are solely for organising the trips. Trip organisers have the right to change or cancel a trip. Some reasons for changing or cancelling can be if they consider the safety of the guests to be compromised due to unfavourable weather conditions or if not enough people had booked the trip.


These web pages contain material which is protected by copyright. Unauthorised usage of any part of their web pages without the owner’s copyright is considered a violation of copyright and subject to a lawsuit.

External links

There are links to other web pages on the www.reachthesea.com webpages. We are not responsible for the accessibility, contest and mistakes on external web pages. Users of the www.reachthesea.com website cannot presume that webpages on the external links comply with the same rules on privacy and personal data protection.

Visitors’ comments

We do not take any responsibility for personal opinions, comments, or ratings of inappropriate content on the www.reachthesea.com webpages posted by visitors of the webpages. The aforementioned posts represent the author’s personal assessments and opinions and do not reflect the stance of www.reachthesea.com. We retain the right to, in accordance with our judgment and without explanation, remove or change any published post that in any way violated the right of others or is in any way unlawful, offensive, embarrassing, vulgar or in any other sense disputable.

Right to access, correct and delete personal data

At any moment you can request an insight into your personal data source of the data, purpose of data collection and receivers of the data. You have the right to update and delete the data in accordance with the law. To prevent misuse of your data, we will ask you to confirm your identity as without identity confirmation you will not be able to access personal data. Requests to access personal data can be sent via email to the following email address: reachthesea.info@gmail.com.


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Change to Terms and Conditions

We retain the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any moment with no prior notice. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from the change to the Terms and Conditions. The change takes effect at the moment of publishing on the website.