Departing by boat from Punat, looking at Košljun, the most beautiful islet next to Krk, we will head towards the most famous locations in Kvarner and the island of Krk. Bays near Stara Baška, as well as the magical Love Cave, along with lunch in the forest in Krušija Bay, are locations where you can refresh yourself, bathe and sunbathe. We will hide from the noise and heat in the bay of Sv. Juraj with a view of the beautiful karst landscape and olive trees. In addition, the panorama of the islet of Kormata, the habitat of seagulls, the panorama of griffon vultures and the panorama of the city of Krk will complete this boat trip.
Are you planning a boat trip to the island of Krk? Join us on an incredible adventure that will leave you breathless! Our exclusive boat trip Košljun offers you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and discover the charms of the island of Krk.

We depart from the beautiful town of Punat, from which you will have a view of the picturesque island of Košljun. The first stop on our boat trip is a panorama of the most famous bays on the island of Krk near Stara Baška. These bays are called Divlje plaže by one name, which comes from the fact that these beaches are hidden from human view and access, and some of them are only accessible from the seaside, that is, by boat. One of the most famous among them is the famous Golden Beach. Given that the beaches near Stara Baška are truly a treasure that should be experienced, we will anchor on one of them. Take advantage of the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle, immerse yourself in untouched nature and renew your soul. Without a doubt, this first stop on our boat trip will leave an indelible mark on our memories and awaken the desire to explore more such hidden gems.
After freshening up on the beach, we continue our adventure with a panorama of the island of Kormati. This islet is home to numerous seagulls, and you have the opportunity to feed them and observe their colorful flight. This panoramic route offers you an incredible view of the surrounding areas. The next stop of our trip is the magical Love Cave. To experience its magic, you will need to swim through a small channel that leads to the interior of the cave with an open roof. Here you will discover a unique romantic beauty that takes your breath away.
The road then leads us to Krušija Bay. This oasis in nature offers you shelter from the sun in a forest environment. Here you can rest in peace and quiet, bathe and sunbathe. Enjoy the hand that we have prepared for you while sitting in the woods, surrounded by the scent of nature and the sea. Finally, for complete isolation from noise and sun, we reach the bay of Sv. Juraj. This picturesque bay is surrounded by karst and olive groves, offering you complete privacy and peace. Here you can relax your body and soul, enjoying the beautiful area and forgetting about all your worries.
Our boat trip ends with a view of the panorama of the town of Krka as we slowly return to Punat.
Do not miss the opportunity to experience this incredible experience on the island of Krk. Book your place today and get ready for an unforgettable boat trip enjoying the beauty of the sea, beautiful beaches and unique landscapes. Welcome to the island of Krk!


Panorama Košljun
Divlje uvale / Wild bays (Fox, Bishop, Long, Cornels bay)
Panorama Zlatna plaža / Golden beach
Panorama Kormati
Uvala Krušija
Ljubavna špilja
Uvala Sveti Juraj / Bay Saint Juraj
Panorama Krk

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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