Get ready for an unforgettable trip that will take you beyond the island of Krk, discovering three beautiful islands nearby. We will head towards the island of Rab, where you will visit famous beaches such as Sahara Beach with beautiful sand and Rajska (Paradise) Beach, which will enchant you with its length and beauty. Then we will head towards the island of Sv. Grgur, which is a paradise for sailors because of its interesting flora and fauna. Finally, we will visit Goli Otok, a former political prison, where you will be able to explore its ruins and experience its intriguing atmosphere. This excursion will allow you to explore the diversity of these islands and discover their hidden beauties.
Book your place on our speedboat trip and enjoy an unforgettable adventure. This experience is ideal for groups of up to 7 people, so gather your family or friends and come with us to explore the beautiful islands near the island of Krk.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience as we board the speedboat in Punat and head towards the famous beaches on the island of Rab as well as the islands next to it. Departure is also possible from Krk, as well as Dunat.
The first destination on our trip is a beautiful sandy beach, known as Sahara Beach. Although it is marked as nudist, don't worry, because you will have the opportunity to enjoy swimming and admire its natural beauty from the comfort of our boat. This beach is enchanting, and the crystal clear sea and beautiful scenery will leave you breathless.
After that, we continue towards Rajska (Paradise) Beach, which is one of the most famous on the island of Rab. This beach stretches for an impressive 2 kilometers in length and is known for its spectacular natural surroundings. Indulge in sunbathing on the fine sand or enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear sea. This beach will enchant you with its beauty and create unforgettable moments.
During our boat trip, we will also visit two neighboring islands - Sv. Gregor and Goli Otok. St. Grgur is known as a paradise for sailors because of its history, rich vegetation and diverse animal life. The island offers beautiful coves and hidden beaches that we will explore, and during the trip, you will get to know the historical traces that make this island special.
Goli Otok, which used to be a political prison, is now in ruins, but it still radiates a special atmosphere. The island is witness to a difficult history, and its ruins testify to turbulent times. You will have the opportunity to admire the landscape and learn more about the history of this important place, but also to refresh yourself in the wonderful sea.
Start your adventure with us and leave the island of Krk to discover incredible destinations and mysterious islands waiting to be explored. An experienced and fun captain will make sure you arrive safely and happily at your destination and provide you with comfort and safety throughout the journey.
Reserve your place on the excursion and get ready for an adventure that will reveal the hidden gems of these islands and enrich your trip with incredible experiences.


Sahara beach
Sv. Grgur (St. Grgur island)
Rajska plaža (Paradise beach)
Goli Otok

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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