Indulge in a refreshing (private) escape from the heat and depart from Punat, Dunat, or Krk towards the most famous locations on Plavnik. The journey will take you through the passage between Mali Plavnik and Plavnik, to the well-known Krušija Bay. As we sail around Plavnik, you'll have the opportunity to see the habitat of Griffon Vultures and seagulls on the islets of Kormati. A visit to the magical Love Cave awaits you. The excursion will also take you a bit further from the islands of Krk and Plavnik to the beautiful Krušćica beach on the island of Cres.
Join us on this adrenaline-filled boat trip as we explore the incredible beauty of Plavnik and Cres.

We leave by speedboat, accompanied by an experienced and entertaining captain, towards Plavnik, a magical island near Krk that hides incredible natural beauty. Speedboat Mila will not only provide you with an unforgettable experience and adventure but also comfort and privacy because we pay attention to the number of people on board. This boat trip is ideal for smaller groups of up to 7 people. Also, departures from several locations are possible: Punat, Krk or Dunat.
Our first stop for rest and swimming is an exciting passage between Plavnik and Mali Plavnik. After a short break to refresh and soak up the beautiful view and crystal clear sea, we continue our trip by boat to the neighboring island of Cres. There we reach one of the most famous beaches in the area - Krušćica. Swimming in the quiet cove of Krušćica will give you moments of complete relaxation and happiness.
We continue our discovery of Plavnik. In the panorama of the southern side of the island of Plavnik, we can come across griffon vultures. These magnificent birds, which are a symbol of this area, inhabit the steep cliffs of Plavnik and enchant us with their strength and beauty. Watching their flight and habitat is an amazing experience that you must experience.
After the meeting with the griffon vultures, there is a moment of rest and enjoyment at the beautiful Krušija Bay. This bay attracts visitors with its beautiful beach, peaceful atmosphere and endless view of the blue sea, next to a forest where you can find shade and shelter from the heat.
But the highlight of our adventure is the visit to the magical Love Cave. It takes a minimal amount of adventurous spirit to swim across a small channel and enter an open-roofed cave. Inside, you will be greeted by a spectacular scene - sunlight that penetrates through the opening and creates magical scenes.
Our adventure on Plavnik is not complete without a panorama of the islets of Kormati. Passing through these picturesque islets is a real pleasure. Feeding the seagulls, which happily circle around the ship, will remain in your memory forever.
This trip to Plavnik is an unforgettable experience filled with natural beauty and magic. You will enjoy spectacular beaches, watching wildlife and discovering hidden gems. Join us on this excursion and escape from the scorching summer to meet the amazing world of Plavnik!


Otočić Mali Plavnik (Mali Plavnik island)
Uvala Krušija (Krušija bay)
Krušćica plaža (beach)
Otičići Kormati (Kormati islands)

In case of bad weather, the ship's captain has the right to change the route for the safety of the passengers.

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